It’s a GIF, Part 2

This GIF is about the movie Get Out its is a horror thriller that is about this black man that went to meet his girlfriends parents and the it turns out their a racist, crazy family, that just want his advanced genetics because they believed that African Americans are the advanced race.

This GIF is about the movie “us” a horror movie about the family of doppelgangers goes to kill the original family so they can go take their place in the world. They were called the tethered because their connected the both families.

My last GIF is about the movie Creed 2 a movie about the Rocky saga and its about Apollo Creed’s son Adonis fighting the son of Ivan Drago. The Killer of his dad and its a emotional roller coaster because Adonis is trying to find himself and create a name for himself but is scarred by his father’s past.