It’s GIF

This first gif its from Avengers Endgame the new movie from the marvel universe, it shows Thor trying to impress Captain Marvel with the His Powerful Axe and she isn’t amused in the Gif.

This other scene turned into GIF is from the movie Rush Hour 2 is a part where they are fighting and they do their signature Dance at the end until more bad guys appear to stop them.


Reportage Audio

En nuestro projecto del reportaje grabamos a 10 personas contestar 5 preguntas sobre el poder de las redes sociales

En conclusion de nuestro projecto nosostros descubrimos que muchas personas que grabamos son bien personal con sus redes sociales y nunca dejan que las personas en la redes sociales que los detengan


My name is Marc Torres and welcome to my blog it will be about Nfl highlights and debates I will talk about daily things all about football

I am a student from the university of Sagrado corazon, my email is\

This a video about my class, my class is called inf115 and its about New digital Media and social medias.

About Me

Hi My name is Marc Torres and this is my blog its about football news and Highlights. I am a student from Sagrado Corazon, My major is Digital Production and its my freshman year of college. I created this site because I have a love for football and I enjoy the sport so I want to cover the news and highlights about the sport with this site